Digital identity: connect to a virtual trust network

Learn about digital identities, their vital role in the future of global trade and how having your verifiable credentials can benefit your business in the world of trade and finance.


Digital identity going forwards is the way for businesses globally to build reliability in the eyes of financial institutions and a door opener to overseas’ markets by its uniqueness and singularity.

This one-on-one session will give you the knowledge you need to start your journey with digital identity. It will help you find an adequate provider for your business and provide the tools to start or support you on your journey to digital transformation.

Learning outcomes:

  • – Understand what digital identity is
  • – Understand the benefit of having a digital identity and why it is important
  • – Know how to get your own digital identity registered and how much it costs
  • – Understand how to build customer relationships with digital identity
  • – Know how to go digital and build trust in the era of digital transformation
  • – Know what Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is
  • – Case studies: how companies benefit from owning an identifier for global businesses